Merchant Cash Advance

In today’s small business environment, cash is no longer king. Credit card transactions now make up the majority of small businesses’ payment processes. Companies that need to generate a positive cash flow can use this credit foundation to regulate cash flow when needed.

Businesses that experience the dramatic swing of seasonal revenue look to obtain cash from lenders to help get them through their slower months, aiming to get ahead of the pack and keep their doors open for business.

Yet small business owners are scrambling to find that cash. Federal regulations have made it increasingly difficult for small businesses to obtain traditional bank loans.

Even if they manage to get approved for a business loan, they find fixed monthly payments too much of a financial burden. 


That’s where Merchant Cash Advance comes in.

A merchant cash advance is a quick, easy way to get your business a lump sum payment in exchange for a share of future sales – paid back via daily business loan payments based upon the percentage of sales per day. There’s no need for collateral, even if your business has bad credit. 

With a Mayava-recommended merchant cash advance lender you can expect:

  • To get your money faster and easier than with a traditional loan
  • A higher approval rate based on solid business performance, not just credit history
  • A flexible daily remittance based on the percentage of sales