Hard Money Loans

Mayava helps commercial property owners pull equity from their investment.

Hard money loans are often used by commercial real estate property owners to quickly acquire the capital needed to purchase, refinance or renovate a property. The investor can also even use the hard money loan as a bridge to secure more conventional financing or to later sell the property in order to pay off accumulated debt.

Hard money loans are also unique for relatively relaxed underwriting standards, quick turnarounds and for basing underwriting decisions on a specific asset, rather than the creditworthiness of the borrower.


Some of the Benefits of Hard Money Loans

  • Quick and simple underwriting means quick funding
    Our simple underwriting process is quick and transparent, either online or real-time. We work to get you your funding quickly and to craft a hard money loan service program to fit your needs. Enjoy the benefits of our personal client service along with the resources and solutions that can help you renovate, re-equip or rebuild.
  • Enjoy the benefits of traditional support and client service without the exorbitant upfront fees and undisclosed conditions
    Since we already vetted and completed due diligence on our lenders, you can rely on transparent and full disclosure of your hard money loan. We also work with you on consolidating your other business loans, crafting a payment schedule, refinancing your other business loans and even help you expand or enhance your business.
  • Access to direct hard money lenders and ancillary services means that you will not only get the best rates and the best terms and conditions for your hard money loan.
    Mayava provides all the resources to find the best hard money loan solution for you. Our carefully vetted network of direct lenders and service providers will not only get you the best interest rate but the best terms and conditions. Avoid foreclosure and lack of liquidity by crafting a hard money loan program that best fits your capabilities.
  • Protect your Personal Assets
    Hard money is underwritten by the value in a particular asset. Since we only base our Loan-to-Value (LTV) estimates on real estate assets, borrowers can protect themselves against liquidating their personal assets and even against bankruptcy. Consider a hard money loan to unlock the value in your property to shield you, your loved ones and your business and get the funding you need.