Lending Partners

One signifant factor that sets Mayava Capital apart from other brokerage firms is our commitment to total transparency. We have partnered with dozens of lenders who look to us to supply them with the best information possible in a safe and secure manner. Many of these lenders have direct portals where borrowers can upload applications and work with them directly. So it's unique that a lending exchange platform would offer information on its lenders. 

The reason we go out of our way to promote our lending relationships is that we are more than simply a broker. We are here to help borrowers connect with the right lender and get the small business resources resources and advice necessary to help their businesses grow. 

Each of the premier lenders listed below trust that Mayava provides the very best customer service and helps borrowers avoid making mistakes. The alternative lending industry is relatively new compared to the frustrating, but traditional commercial lending industry. As such, every funder is different. Mayava Capital takes the time to understand the differences between each funding partner. We know their strengths, weaknesses and pricing. 

Too many borrowers are overwhelmed by the choices that suddenly exists and wind up submitting multiple applications to lenders they know very little about. It's important to maintain your data and information and know what it is you're applying for when submitting applications. Our job is to understand your business and funding needs then connect you with the best option. 

Below is a partial list of our premium partner lenders.



Fundera is a lending marketplace that relies on excellent technology to match borrowers and lenders. We admire their commitment to speed and transparency. Fundera's capital comes from the investment community and it relies on sophisticated tech solutions to qualify applicants and place them into a pool of loans to be funded. They are leading the charge to foster a more robust regulatory environment and employs some of the brightest minds in "fintech." Mayava Capital maintains an open relationship as an independent broker.


Business Loan Consolidations

PowerUp Lending Group was founded by a group of experiened lenders in the small cap lending industry. Their company is well-capitalized and specializes in debt consolidation and business loan refinance. Companies with existing debt might find a home at PowerUp and Mayava has worked closely with their team since its inception. They take an extremely hand-on approach to every relationship and look to Mayava to provide great detail on our applicants and frequently meet with our team in person to address specific requests and analyze industry trends.  



ProMed is a leader in healthcare financing. It is the medical lending arm of a formidable parent company that works in several sectors. ProMed's team is highly motivated and exhibits a deep knowledge and understanding of all facets of the medical industry. Mayava works closely with several of the principals of ProMed and strives to find creative solutions to healthcare funding needs from veterinary and medical supply firms to physician based practices and urgent care clinics. 



OnDeck is widely viewed as the industry leader in business marketplace lending. The company went public in late 2014 and has grown considerably since that time. Mayava maintains a direct relationship with the support team in New York and understands how to navigate this ever-growing and changing company. 



Fora Financial is a fast-growing business financing firm that recently acquired significant funding to help navigate growth. Even throughout this process, it maintains a core commitment to developing strong personal relationships with its borrowers, frequently renewing relationships and deepending partnerships. Mayava meets directly with the core New York based team to review new product offerings and support our mutual clients.


Merchant Processing

MPX is one of the fastest growing merchant processing firms in the country. Like so many of our partners, they have differentiated their services by eliminating hidden fees and negative practices that have characterized the credit card processsing industry. In addition to helping clients reduce their processing fees, the MPX team provides merchant cash advance services to many of their clients. They have a dedicated team of professionals that have rallied around the idea that merchants deserve the best available rates in the marketplace, state-of-the-art technology ecommerce merchant account capabilitiesand a high level of customer service.  



World Business Lenders is a pioneer in the direct lending marketplace industry. WBL boasts a highly experienced leadership team and is pushing toward greater collaboration between the funding community and the borrowers they serve. WBL is known for its ability to write large business loans that are more traditional in nature but with the speed of today's most innovative fintech companies. Mayava works closely with several of WBL's branches and has a great understanding of its product offerings. 



BFS Capital has been leading and innovating the financial industry as a direct funding source since 2002. Headquartered in South Florida, BFS Capital uses technology-driven financing solutions to provide up to $2 million in small business loans and merchant cash advances throughout all 50 states and Canada. Since their inception nearly 15 years ago, BFS Capital has provided more than $1 billion in total financing to both small and mid-sized businesses ranging from a span of more than 400 professional industries. With a Better Business Bureau rating of an A+, and an 80% repeat customer rate, BFS Capital exudes client satisfaction and an outstanding reputation as a preferred funding source.